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Vision, Mission & Objectives

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Vision of the CCSRC

To improve an individual’s survivorship experience after a cancer diagnosis in order to realize his/her aspirations and optimize health (physical, functional, social and emotional).

Mission of the CCSRC

The Research Consortium will enhance capacity through creating new knowledge by addressing current gaps in the evidence, facilitating the exchange of this knowledge between stakeholders, and applying this knowledge to improve the survivorship experience.

Consortium’s Objectives:

The overall objective of the Consortium is to develop a strong body of cancer survivorship knowledge in Canada by creating an effective Canadian research community, building research teams and projects and effectively transferring of knowledge so that it is developed into survivorship programs.

Specific Objectives:

  • Maintain and expand the survivorship dialogue by various communication vehicles (rounds, website, conferences, meetings).Benefits: awareness, preparedness, focus, profile and priority setting.
  • Establish linkages between researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and cancer survivors in order to align research priorities with existing and emerging needs in cancer survivorship. Benefits: establish the right questions that address critical needs as seen by survivors, health professionals and policy makers (system).
  • Establish priorities and emerging needs to create new knowledge by identifying relevant research questions and areas of research and conducting appropriate research projects. Benefits: alignment of the right questions to the right populations, skill sets and funding sources.
  • Build and enhance survivorship research capacity by supporting and integrating people and projects, promoting collaborations, and increasing the number of people and research projects. Benefits: ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of research environments, processes, funding and resource use.
  • Align research priorities with the emerging survivorship need in order to create integrated, inter-disciplinary and cross-sector relationships. Benefits: ensures research priorities address needs and are relevant to all (survivors, families, health professionals, policy makers, etc.).
  • Mentor and support new researchers by various methods. Benefits: ensures the recruitment and support of new researchers into the survivorship field.
  • Develop Canadian strategies for implementing the research outcomes into a variety of audiences including policy makers, educators, insurers, employers, public, and health professionals. Benefits: ensures a consistency of messaging and translation for the uptake of research outcomes.
  • Establish linkages with acute care and community care organizations to ensure uptake, application and program development of research results. Benefits: Ensures ownership of research and research outcomes by organizations that will have a significant impact in supporting survivors.
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